Ashville Athletics uses platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram in conjunction with Facebook and to cover everything happening with Ashville High School sports. Ashville Athletics staff create content for the cross-platform promotion of Ashville sports and to promote Ashville High School across the region. The Ashville Athletics media model uses social media strategies pioneered by the athletic departments of Clemson University, the University of Alabama, and Auburn University.


Ashville Athletics is a private entity that partners and collaborates with Ashville High School, the Ashville High School Athletic Department, and the Ashville Sports Foundation to promote Ashville's varsity student-athletes, engage and encourage the Ashville community to participate in Ashville High school athletic events, and manage all Ashville High School athletic media rights, assets, and property.

Ashville Athletics is constantly developing and working to promote the character and success of Ashville High School both athletically and academically. Go Dawgs!


"Ashville High School has used kelly green and white for as long as anyone remembers. Before we were the Bulldogs, Ashville's mascot was the Green Wave, but what about the orange? In 1962, the Green Bay Packers won another NFL Championship. The current Ashville head football coach, Bill Ellis, enjoyed the look of the gold trim on the Packers' uniforms. A meeting with football players was called, and Coach Ellis brought a strip of gold ribbon to place on the shoulder of an Ashville football jersey.

The football players loved it, and school trustees Calvin Henderson, Fred Smith, R.C. Farmer, and School Superintendent D.O. Langston approved the new trim color. New jerseys were ordered, but when they arrived, the gold trim was actually burnt orange! Everyone loved it even more than the gold trim, so they went with it. And the rest is history. Ashville has gone through some rather "interesting" color alterations through the years, but current athletic administration and coaches have slowly reworked the orange back into the color model for the school and the entire athletics program." - story and research by Mickey Farmer


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Coach Mattison and Coach Beason
2013 Regional Basketball Tournament
2013 Basketball Season