Oneonta Varsity Boys Basketball Preseason Outlook

Brandon Crews is entering year 3 at Oneonta and through his first two seasons as head man he is tied with Mike Bowman with most wins (47) in a coaches first two years. Brandon Crews knows his team isn't going to sneak up anyone and if they are going to keep it rolling it will begin with the senior leadership on this year's team which consist of Eric Moore, Deondre Elliott, Daniel McCary, Jacob Green and David Hall.

When it comes to our program, we have talked about the same things since day one and it really hasn’t changed. We first want to make basketball here important. I feel like we have made major gains in this area and we want to keep building on that. Our players have bought into what we expect out of them year-round and we have seen support for our program steadily build. We also want to make our program a positive environment. We want to play a fun style of basketball, create memories for our players, and develop good teammates that make this an experience people want to be a part of. Lastly, we want to see continued improvement from all of our players. Our goal is that from the time a player enters our program until they graduate, we see them improve not only as basketball players but also as students, sons, and brothers. 

Crews on this years senior class - "The 47 wins in two seasons you mentioned earlier doesn’t happen without these guys. They’ve been a major part of everything that has happened here the last couple of seasons. But what I love the most about them is that they’ll also play a major part in what happens here for years to come. This group will have a lasting impact on our program. They’ve helped lay the foundation and have shown the younger players what an Oneonta basketball player is supposed to play like and act like. It has been so much fun to watch them grow and mature, but I’ll be really sad when it’s over. They’ll always hold a special place in my heart."

The Varsity Boys will have a lot of younger talent to help them out with players such as Davin Young, Dallas Jennings, Eli Buse, Wil Robertson, Collin Moon, Harrison Miller and Riley McGill. The group of sophomores who have played together since rec league will provide and have provided a lot of excitement on the court.

The Redskins will have their work cut out for them as this year's schedule will provide tough competition with opponents like 7A Austin and 6A Cullman which will help the Redskins come tournament time. Crews will also have his boys in a post Christmas Tournament in Destin which feature top teams from the Southeast. Crews on this year's schedule - "Basketball is a tournament sport. The only games in the regular season that really mean anything at all are the area games, which only help you be able to host the tournament at the end. We wanted a schedule that prepares us for February basketball, when the games matter the most, and I feel like we were able to do that. We were also able to get games added with 7A Austin and 6A Cullman at Wallace State, which is a regional venue. Our goal is to be tough enough to learn lessons through the course of the regular season so that we can play our best basketball at the end. I also think they’ll be a little more motivation and a little more focus from our players through the course of the season knowing we are playing a good opponent night in and night out."

Coach Crews on area play - Our area is filled with good basketball players and good basketball coaches. Winning a championship is never easy and this year won’t be any different. For us to be able to win the area tournament, we need to be able to defend at a high level and take care of the basketball. We feel that doing those two things will always give you a chance to win, regardless of who you’re playing or where you’re playing.

This years Redskins look to be shaping up to be a special season for the Varsity Boys. If the Redskins can stay healthy and defend at the high level that Crews wants this years Redskins will go to JSU and beyond.

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